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  • PC initial release, console TBD

  • Vehicular combat/sports

  • Online multiplayer, local split-screen

  • Unreal Engine 4

Rocket Jockey brings back all of the chaos, surf guitar, and humor of Rocket Science Game's original 1996 cult classic. This time the Rockets are dangerously fast, the physics are brutal, and your friends can join you in the chaos online and in 4 player split-screen. Ride powerful modern jet engines with looks inspired by classic car culture and surf music. Fly over ramps, ride up walls, cling to ceilings, and crash through waves.  Your left and right Grappling Hooks enable you to swing around pillars to make the tightest turns and brutalize your opponents. Leave tripwires to clothesline pursuers. Pull heavy objects from the ground and fling them at your enemies. Yank unsuspecting Jockeys off their Rockets and string them up, or throw them into something painful.


Rocket Jockey is currently in pre-alpha (almost feature complete) and all images are not indicative of the final look and art style of the game. We have a ways to go.

Development Team

     Chris Crowe - lead programmer

     Daniel Taylor - creative director


Business Team

     David Ventura - head of operations

     David Howell - producer / legal team

     Dustin Shamburg - legal team



     Diego Almazon - concept art

     Rantz Hoseley - concept art

     David Ham - concept art

     Noah Li - animation / rigging

     Victor Petersson - 3D character artist

     Mercedes Smith - 3D modeling

     Darren Hupke - sound design



     David Dinh - programming